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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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Riviera di Levante, near Genoa, i.

Riviere Lepaux, Henri la, French
Director, ii. 167

Roads, accidents in travelling along
bad, i. 2, &c.

Robespierre guillotined, ii. 120,
124, 187; epitaph for, 121

Rocca, prince della, at Naples, i.
123, 162

Roche Aymon, cardinal de la, con-
fessor of Louis XV., i. 9, 18

Rodney, lady, and her daughters,
ii. 214, 247

Roederer, M., ii. 188,191

Rohan, duke de, ii. 187, 188

Romances, Spanish, i. 76

Rome, the papal affairs and govern-
ment of, &c., i. 159 et seq.; ii. 186

Roquefort, castle of, in Savojr, i. 274

Rose, the yellow, in Spain, i. 64

Rossi, marquis, i. 213

------first danseuse at Naples, i. 128,


Rouen, description of the city of,
i. 3; its cathedral, and monuments
of princes therein, 4; Benedictine
abbey of St. Ouen, 5; the arch-
bishop's Gothic palace at Gaillon,
6; parliament of, ii. 22

Rufo, prince, i. 177; ii. 198

Rutland, duke of, ii. 2

SA, M. BE, Portuguese minister at

Naples, i. 122

Salerno, romantic scenery near, L 317
Salmour, madame de, i. 344
Sambuca,marquis de, i. 129,133,144
Sandwich, earl of, ii. 62
San Georgio, convent of, i. 320
Sangro, donna Teresina del, i. 175
San Lorenzo, prince of, L 125
Sannazzaro, writings of, i. 169; his

tomb, 146, 170
San Severe, duke and duchess of,

i. 134
Santo Marco, madame, L 161, 162,

174, 202, 233

Saone, river, its confluence with the

Rhone, i. 276

Sarno, river, in Naples, i. 138
Savoy and Piedmont, mountain roads

of;  costume of the peasantry;

industry of the Savoyards; the

French frontier—i. 268-274
Saxe, marshal de, monument of, i. 7>


Saxe  Hildburghausen,   prince  of,

i- 336
Schottwien, woods and  mountain

pass near, i. 327
Schwenckt, baron von, i. 9, 13
Sciacca, in Sicily, the thermcs Sell*

nuntia* or hot springs of, i. 188
Scipios, tomb of the two, i. 70
Seaton Delaval, festivities at, ii. 86
Segesta, or &gesta% in Sicily, i, 184;

temple of, 187

Segovia, cathedral of, i. 104; the
alcazar or palace, 104; aqueduct
at, 104

Seguier, Antoine Louis de, his cabi-
net of antiques and medals, L 118;
his library, 118
Segur, marshal de, ii. 10
Seine, river, ii. 201, 233
Selwyn, George, his prompt reply

to the Prince of Wales, i. 395
Sennett, the Irish abbe", i. 215
Senovert, M.  de, his  mission to

England, ii. 159

Sens, cathedral of, and its monu-
ments, i. 279

Severino, lady Anne, daughter of
lord Derwentwater, i. 125

------San, lords of Ringone, i. 177

Seville, city of; cathedral of; the
alcazar or palace; orange trees of;
climate of; Old Seville—L 90-92
Sewell, Mr., i 383
Sheridan, right-hon. R. B., ii. 65, 99
Sibaris, site of the ancient, i. 197
Sicily, nobles and landholders of,
i. 124; viceroys of, 142; Mr. Henry
Swinburne's tour in, 180-196; pro-
ductions and wheat of, 187,189,191
Siddons, Mrs., i. 387, 388 n.; ii. 67
Sienna, site of the city of; cathedral
of; the Chizi chapel; paintings
of—i. 317

Siglio, prince of, L 177
Smiolin,   Russian   ambassador   at

Paris, ii. 9, 24
Sinzendorff, chamberlain of Marie

Therese, anecdote, i. 341
Skinner, alderman, i. 396
Smith, Sir William Sidney,a prisoner
in France, ii. 100; affair of his de-
tention in Paris, 107-248; his es-
cape from the prison of the Temple
at Paris, 254-256; letter of, 257;
lord Grenville's letter to, 258

------lady, i. 200

Snakes of Italy, i. 140